Ford Fusion Was Named the Most “Green” Car

January 22, 2013 at 9:44 am

On a motor show in Los Angeles there was declared the winner of the “Green Car of the Year”. As it is traditionally organized by the American edition of Green Car, the annual ceremony went well. The safest car for the environment for the ended year 2012 has been recognized the sedan Ford Fusion. Among the other contenders there were: Ford C-Max, Dodge Dart Aero, Toyota Prius C and Mazda CX-5. Thus our readers may note that two Ford cars were nominated.

blue Ford Fusion car

Image of the blue Ford Fusion car

According to the jury, they voted for Fusion model, because in addition to standard gasoline versions, it has just two hybrid versions: Hybrid and Energy. Both are equipped with two-liter petrol engine and an electric motor with a total capacity of 185 horsepower. According to the manufacturer, Fusion Hybrid in the mixed cycle consumes five liters per 100 kilometers, and can accelerate to 90 miles per hour, using only the electric motor.

red Ford Fusion model

Picture of the red Ford Fusion model

The main difference from the Energy version is that it can be charged from a standard wall outlet. This car spends for a hundred kilometers of run only 2.35 liters of fuel, and with a full tank Fusion Energy charged battery can travel up to 750 kilometers without refueling. In 2011 the winner was Japanese compact Honda Civic with the engine running on gas, and the year before that title went to American hybrid Chevrolet Volt.

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