Ford Transit Was Recognized as the International Van of the Year

December 14, 2012 at 4:02 am

As the fans of the famous Ford company are aware, the manufacturers do not focus on the simple cars alone, as they have a wide range of different cars to offer to the market. In such a way, the Ford people are developing not just the coupes or sedans, but also Vans and mini Vans. Interesting is that the company does a great job on the fronts, and not as the critics have predicted. Therefore, we are quite proud to say that Ford Transit was recognized as the international Van of the year.

white Ford Transit Van

Photo of the white Ford Transit Van

At the International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover IAA jury found that the Ford Transit van, is the latest generation of the best of 2013 cars on the market. For Ford and for Transit line in particular, it is the fourth award in such a prestigious competition. Ford delivery van got its first price in 2001 and second in 2007, and the third in 2003 and it was named the best “heel” Transit Connect. The current Ford Transit Custom is the best for its style, performance, ease of loading and transportation, technology, safety and low cost of ownership.

dark blue Van - Ford Transit

Photo of the dark blue Van – Ford Transit

Therefore, we believe that the Ford Company will continue to amuse us with the prices their great cars get on the competitions. As many car magazines have already put this news on their pages, we wish all the best achievements for the company for the next year.

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