Ford decided to make an electric scooter

May 10, 2015 at 2:13 pm

The exhibition of modern communications and IT-technologies in Barcelona, Ford unveiled two electric scooters.
Besides regular already third update of the communications system SYNC, which includes an improved integration with a plurality of mobile devices and more advanced speech recognition algorithms, Ford presented a prototype vehicle of interest. This is scooter with two electric motors that easily folds into the trunk of almost any vehicle.

Ford Scooter pics

Ford Scooter image

Both models use a 200 Watt electric motor and a battery 9 Ah, who help pedal and easily accelerates to 25 km / h. MoDe: Me was created with the participation of Dahon and its direct purpose is travel around the city, but, more importantly, for good coverage.

Ford Scooter picture

Ford Scooter pics

The second version MoDe: Pro is designed by experts and Ford intended for commercial use in the city. Not without its technological innovations. For example, dim lights on the handlebars and vibration alert the driver of approaching from behind the car. You can also be a route using a special application MoDe: Link for iOS. Vibration on the steering wheel bike will warn of the need to turn.