Ford Explorer 2013 – Chief Engineer is Pleased

December 4, 2012 at 4:50 am

We present to you the first version of the Ford Explorer of high performance of the 2013 model year, which will go on the market later in the next year, as it is said in its name. First Explorer Sport has been presented recently at the Auto Show in New York, in order to show to the fans and customers what they can expect from this car. All in all, critics and the audience found this car quite appealing and some are already willing to spend their money on it.

red Ford Explorer 2013

Photo of the red Ford Explorer 2013

The new version of the car will be powered by Ford’s new development in the field of the engines. It is the turbocharged powertrain of the V6 cylinders and of the capacity of 3.5-liter called with the name EcoBoost as it has the concern for the environment. This engine in the new Ford Explorer according to the company will be able to provide the power up to 350 hp, which is bigger than the current models of the Ford company.

rear Ford Explorer 2013

Image of the rear view of Ford Explorer 2013

For the additional information we have turned to the Chief engineer, Bill Gubing, which was eager to tell us more about the technical side of the car. He was going over and over the advantages of the car for both the side roads and the town roads. And he concluded with such words: “The new Explorer Sport is the most high-performance model of the line.”

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