Ford Mondeo is illegally heavy

January 10, 2015 at 8:01 pm

Teknikens Värld continues to “terrorize” their automaker’s tests. Earlier editions of journalists accused Jeep Grand Cherokee and Porsche Macan the inability to pass “moose test” and then stated several times that the Honda CR-V is not real four-wheel drive. However, this time the “victim” was a new edition of Ford Mondeo. Swedes say that it is heavier than it is written in the passport.
“The new Ford Mondeo – a great car and it is proved by our tests. But it has one problem – the mass. In fact, the car weighs 279 pounds more than the manufacturer says. In the case of strong load (complete family and filled the trunk) machine becomes dangerous, “- noted in Teknikens Värld.

Ford Mondeo pics

Ford Mondeo picture

As evidence, the Swedes lead manufacturer’s information on the specifications Mondeo. Thus, according to them, “Mondeo” in picking Titanium Estate with a 2.0-liter TDCi engine capacity of 152 hp has a curb weight of 1601 kg. However, after the Swedish “destroyers of automotive legends” independently weighed the car, scales showed 1880 kg. Thus manufacturer allegedly “lost” 17.4% of the mass.

Ford Mondeo pics

Ford Mondeo image

“If you boot the machine to the maximum, in the hope that everything will be fine, you make a mistake and commit a crime, violating the rules of operation. The car will be overloaded. Moreover, it can be dangerous and our Moose test proved it. With a sharp rebuild at high speed, Ford Mondeo with “Odd” 279 kg weight loses control. Furthermore, even when driving in a straight rear wheels rub against arch “- frightening Swedish colleagues.