Ford Presented the Award “Worst Driver” of Paris

January 8, 2013 at 6:43 am

Auto news reported a very interesting story, thus we want to present it to our readers. Therefore you should be ready to read not about the engines and Nm, but rather about the entertaining news of the Ford car manufacturer. So Ford car company took out an ad campaign in the French capital city Paris, after placing on a street of the city “pinball machine”, which reacted to the failed attempts of the drivers to park at the parking lot.

new red Ford Mandeo

Photo of the new red Ford Mandeo

During the event there were filmed commercials by the Ford company, which were then posted to the portal Youtube. The fact that the streets of Paris are quite difficult to find a parking space, and this benefited the company Ford to use for their marketing and increasing the brand recognition.

Ford Parking compatition in Paris

Image of the Ford Parking compatition in Paris

They left a small space between two parked cars, pre-placed before on the bumpers of those cars the special parking sensors. Every time one of the drivers tried to park unsuccessfully and touched one of the bumpers or both of the bumpers, from the setup screen in form of a pinball machine, the driver got a displayed result. The range of estimates was from a “clumsy” to “monstrous”. However, the person who was able to park perfectly was rewarded quite generously by the company. The winning driver was given a new car from Ford, this person was only one to perfectly park car at the gunpoint of the machine.

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