Ford vehicles will be able to recognize the driver

December 27, 2014 at 11:01 pm

Computer giant Intel, along with the American manufacturer Ford presented the system of recognition of the driver in the cabin. It will be able to download your personal settings man sat down behind the wheel, and limit the use of the vehicle by unauthorized persons.
The project will include Project Mobii integration into the vehicle of special cameras and sensors, as well as some semblance of artificial intelligence. This combination has really turned an ordinary car into a smart car that can in some way to communicate with the driver.
So, on the idea of Intel and Ford, complex Mobii will reduce the likelihood of theft of the vehicle due to the recognition of the human face, sitting behind the wheel. The owner will be able to bring in the right amount of computer profiles drivers should operate. In the event of discrepancies Mobii simply will not allow the car start. In this photo the alleged hijacker will be sent to the mobile device owner that will facilitate the capture of the criminal.

project mobii pics

project mobii picture

In addition, Mobii will automatically activate one or the other driver’s profile: recognizes a face motorist, the system will adjust the mirrors, adjust climate control and even choose your preferred radio station.

project mobii pics

project mobii image

In addition to the camera control functions allow the use of simple gestures and voice commands. For example, the driver can point the finger at the door and say the word “open”, followed by the hatch, for sure, will be opened.