Ford will go on European hybrid market

January 14, 2015 at 5:51 pm

According to media reports, Ford has to offer gasoline-electric hybrid technology to European models C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi, in an attempt to take “revenge” on Volkswagen.
In an interview Uli Koesters, a top manager of Ford of Europe, said “brand” Blue Oval “still does not offer hybrid vehicles in Europe, as demand remains low.” According to him, the buyers to save their money pay more attention to “modest” diesel models, so even standard hybrids are generally not able to “gain traction” on the Old Continent.
Several companies have decided to reverse the trend and offer a diesel in Europe, at least, at least one hybrid model. Mitsubishi – Outlander PHEV, Toyota – plug-in Prius, and Volvo recently introduced a diesel-electric V60. Volkswagen enters the market with a name tag GTE hybrid varieties and new Golf, intended only for Europe, the eighth generation Passat.

Ford Mondeo 2015 pics

Ford Mondeo 2015 picture

Koesters said, Ford is closely following the hybrid sales in Europe and is ready to react quickly if market conditions change and sales go up. The most popular in Europe was Outlander, with a little less than 9,000 sales in the first half of 2014 in 28 countries outside the European Union.

Ford Mondeo 2015 pics

Ford Mondeo 2015 image

Ford has not announced when the dare to take the risk to bring to the markets of the Old Continent hybrid models, and which of them will be sold in Europe. However, Mondeo, is essentially a European specification Fusion, so it may be a prime candidate.