Italian Concept from Ford Company

December 2, 2012 at 3:16 am

Today we are going to take a small dive into the time, when Ford Mustang was still a novelty and a great car, not affordable by many. Not so many people know, that at that time, after the first model was introduced, Ford Company also developed a concept special for the Italian market, the original color of which was bright orange, to remind the sun. About this car we are going to talk today.

Itallian concept Ford Mustang

Photo of the orange Itallian concept of Ford Mustang

When more than a three years ago in the U.S. market a new generation of the Ford Mustang cars was introduced, half the country precipitated joy for family of the Ford designers. Like, a historical component is not forgotten, and all beautifully turned out. True, that furnish materials chosen are not the most expensive and that technical stuffing it represents almost sends the “greetings from the 60’s” fall in the special Italian concept of Ford Mustang of the old years.

side view Itallian concept Ford Mustang

Image of the side view of Itallian concept Ford Mustang

But the Italians had to the car a more pragmatic attitude. They were willing to admit that Mustang undoubtedly is one of the “icons” of the world automotive industry. However, it seemed that even the last generation has been particularly – not so glorious successor. As the should look kind of “wild horses” in the 21st century. Following this, a design studio based its Guigiaro Mustang and put the result of investigations in Los Angeles or the bright orange colors.

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