Production of Ford Kuga and Explorer Will Start in Russia

January 12, 2013 at 7:36 am

Many people have no idea how the production of the cars is happening in other countries, which are not the original countries of the producers. Thus today we will talk how the production of the Ford Kuga and Explorer, the two very popular and handsome models, will start in the Eastern part of the world, particularly Russia.

white model of Ford Kuga 2013

Image of the white model of Ford Kuga 2013

Ford and Sollers will establish a joint venture in Yelabuga (RT) for the vehicle production of Kuga, but not just that, but also S-MAX, Galaxy and Explorer. The popular news portal of Russia RIA Novosti supports this information and it is reported by them with reference to the press service of the Ford-Sollers. The timing of the new Ford models assembled in Russia on the domestic market are not specified.

blue Ford Kuga car

Picture of the blue Ford Kuga car

According to a press release from the company, in connection with the expansion of production at the plant in Russia there opened more than 850 engineering jobs and other spots for workers. Currently, the staff of the joint venture has 1165 people but this number will grow. The joint venture Ford-Sollers was established in February 2011. The project budget was 75 billion rubles. The first model produced at the plant was Elabuzhsky commercial vehicle Ford Transit.

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