The brand Vignale will be independent

November 29, 2014 at 11:16 pm

Last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford presented the luxury version of the new family Mondeo, received the designation Vignale. Cars named after the famous Turin bodywork studio Carrozzeria Vignale, founded in 1948 by Alfredo Vignale. Atelier noted many interesting projects in the field of bodywork and lasted until 1974. Rights of the brand Vignale, as well as other studio – Ghia, are owned by Ford. First name Vignale was used in 2004 for conceptual Ford Focus Vignale, which became the prototype series coupe-cabriolet Focus CC.

Vignale image

Vignale pics

Last year, the company turned their attention once again to the eminent Italian brand, introducing a concept sports minivan S-Max Vignale, and then the sedan and wagon Mondeo Vignale.
Ford is considering withdrawing the brand Vignale as an independent.

Vignale picture

Vignale pics

The first logo Vignale example will have the new Mondeo, and then minivan S-Max. In accordance with the status of new cars will differ from kindred expensive materials, finishes, rich basic equipment and stylish decor. For customers Vignale allocate special departments showrooms – Vignale Lounge, and each buyer will communicate with a personal manager. If the project is successful, it is likely, a similar system will be launched in the US market, and Vignale model can bridge the gap between the production of Ford and Lincoln, changing the brand Mercury, ceased to exist in 2011.