More Details on the Joint Work of Ford and His Competitors

March 26, 2013 at 9:02 am

We have received a great number of the replies, when we first talked about the joint project of the Ford company and their seemingly competitors such as the Daimler and Nissan. However, if the fruits of their work will benefit us all, then why not to support the initiative of the company with the fans loyalty. Thus today we will present some more information on the project, which is now all over the news in car magazines and on car TV-shows.

new Ford Mustang GT

Image of the new Ford Mustang GT

“We believe that vehicles with fuel cells will play a key role among the models with zero emissions. Due to the high commitment of all members of the project agreement, we will be able to give such a machine a wide spread on the market and make the technology available for a variety of clients, “- said a member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG Prof. Thomas Weber and the CEO of Ford fully supported him on that one.

Ford car of the old model

Image of the Ford car of the old model

Joint development of Daimler, Nissan and Ford should be put into production in 2017. Earlier, a similar agreement was signed by Toyota and BMW. In their case, in addition to the development of the power plant on fuel cells, the partnership also involves the creation of mid-size sports car and lithium-oxygen batteries. However, the development of Ford company will go further than that.

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