Atelier Heffner Doomed Ford GT to Restless Age

January 18, 2013 at 6:41 am

American Ford GT coupe is already possible to enter the ranks of the rarities – it was taken out of production in 2006. But until now, some tuners are after 4038 owners of vehicles produced with various ideas to refine this car into a supercar. One of these companies is the Heffner Performance, whose reckless experts two years ago have opened the Ford V8 5.4 engine with 550 “horses” to increase it up to a thousand!

tuned Heffner Ford GT

Image of the tuned Heffner Ford GT

Then, instead of driving the supercharger they found a pair of turbochargers. Presented recently tuner version Camilo Edition – from the same series. Although turbo-eight came out here a little weaker with “only” 900 forces. But now looks completely in harmony with the fervor engine. Variegated color Ford was given to no one other than chief designer Camilo Pardo, who led the project at the junction of GT centuries. Camilo drew inspiration from the past: white bar that turns into a resplendent on the front of the shirt front, – a tribute to a racing car Ford GT40.

yellow super car Heffner Ford GT

Image of the yellow super car Heffner Ford GT

It is unknown how much it will cost the owner of the author’s version of Camilo Pardo. For example, for the modification Heffner Ford GT with 800 “horses” in the harness in the U.S. requested $ 190,000 – at least 35,000 is the base price of the GT. But honestly, modifying rare supercar is a dubious investment. In fact, after revisions it will lose the most important quality – authenticity.

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