European Business Admits That Ford Transit Is a Great Investment

December 22, 2012 at 6:47 am

Today we will talk about the European business and the way Ford can add up to it. Ford Transit can be a choice of the year for European business, as the famous business magazine says about our famous car brand. Commercial vehicle, which is valued for its reliability, comfort and safety was among the most popular business cars of the ending year.

minivan Ford Transit white car

Image of the minivan Ford Transit white car

Christmas shopping for this car thanks to a special offer in the configuration Comfort is available to lease for just $ 99 per month. The CEOs and top managers of large European companies consider buying Ford Transit Comfort and say that it is a profitable and efficient investment. At the same time it is a good car for the middle and small companies, taking into account the price of the lease mentioned above.

white Ford Transit

Photo of the white Ford Transit

Head of the German company, which wanted to remain unintroduced said: “This is not the first car that I buy, so I have something to compare. First we need to note the service. With it at Ford – all is in order. Dealers of other car brands when working with clients focus on sales. However it is important to have the service that follows the purchase of a car. I’ve had cars that departed in three years, but I would not buy them again, because the service was terrible. So I decided to replace them with the Ford Transit and I am confident that it was the right thing. Ford has excellent service, they always listen, quickly will do everything you need. Thus we profit as the organization.”

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