Ford and GM were cheating in the payload

December 31, 2014 at 10:37 pm

The rating “payload” is one of the most important parameters of a pickup truck. But it turned out that some of the trucks of Ford and GM cannot carry as much as stated by the manufacturer.
Both companies recognize that during the calculation of the ranking of the payload certain pickups they filmed only some parts, including bumpers and spare wheel. Without these components curb weight is reduced, allowing the company to claim a higher payload than the recommended buyers to showrooms.
Rating payload is calculated by determining the difference between the total mass and equipment.

The Ford told that the company has started using this practice for another F-250 pickup truck, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty truck of 2011 model year. Then there has been removed as much as possible of elements including spare tire and even the radio central console.

2011 Ford F-450 pics

2011 Ford F-450 image

GM also decided to follow the example of colleagues and for the calculation of the payload 2015 2500HD pickups and 3500HD remove the rear bumper.

Ford F350 pics

Ford F350 picture

Most dealers, including Mitchell Dale, the President McRee Ford in Dickinson, Texas, expressed concern about such practices which, in their opinion, may confuse consumers and undermine consumer confidence.
In turn, Toyota and Ram said that during testing rating payload used pickup trucks equipped with all standard components.