Ford built the large loop for toy cars

June 7, 2015 at 7:48 pm

Ford has built in its Michigan technical center of the world’s highest loop for toy cars Hot Wheels. The height of the “track” is 3.84 meters. The previous record – 2.74 meters – belonged to the loop, which was created a year ago by students from Ohio.

Ford Mustang Hot Wheels picture

Ford Mustang Hot Wheels pics

Chief designer of the loop for Hot Wheels from Ford became an engineer Matt West, which has already built similar toys for his six sons. Colleagues helped to build a record construction designed by computer, which consists of several planks held together.

Ford Mustang Hot Wheels pics

Ford Mustang Hot Wheels image

The toy car has to develop enough high speed to overcome the entire loop and do not fell. The “Start” had to be positioned on the third floor of the building. A successful attempt in the video was not captured, but Ford said that the staff still managed to have a successful launch of a toy coupe Mustang.