Ford Explorer 2013 – Exterior Question

February 18, 2013 at 9:32 am

Many people buy the car simply for the sale of how it looks. Without a doubt this is the main attention getter of the sports cars and the off roaders. That is why we want today to present to our readers the pics of the exterior of Ford Explorer 2013 and also give some text on the disclosure of the details of exterior, because some minor things may escape from the fans eyes, when they only look.

white Ford Explorer 2013

Image of the white Ford Explorer 2013

As for the exterior, the new generation Explorer has installed in Ford brand 20-inch wheels, a new grille, which looks now much more modern and appealing along with the updated elements of lights, as there were some complains about the competitor lights, as they do not give the full vision, thus Ford made it right with their cars. Also we have to note the “rails” for mounting on the roof, as well as new mirror housings and updated aerodynamic bodywork.

Ford Explorer 2013

Image of the lights of Ford Explorer 2013

Buyers can choose from four options for paint finishes (red, white, black, metallic). From inside the Ford Explorer Sport gets a new leather upholstery Charcoal Black with trademark stitching on the steering wheel, and sport logo on mats, and other elements of the cabin. The company has not provided information on pricing.

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