Ford Fiesta ST: the Impression from the Novelty

February 24, 2013 at 9:36 am

Interestingly, in contrast to the “underdog” in Europe, which will only be favored with the Ford Fiests ST as the three-door version of the new car, a copy of the North American market will be equipped with full five doors. Characteristically, for the models in different countries will be the same engines, for both versions the engines of 1.6 liters will be given. However, in Europe a 178 l.s. power one, and for the United States – 197 Transmission.

Ford Fiesta ST

Image of the Ford Fiesta ST

But the economy is truly the mark – just 6.9 liters per hundred kilometers. While the exact measurements were conducted, the source is silent, but presumably this was on the track. Our sale updated sports Fiesta has not noticed, but we are looking forward to her appearance on the domestic market, where you can personally test-drive and get information about news, they say, first hand from the dealers.

Ford Fiesta ST red

Picture of the Ford Fiesta ST red

What is different in Ford Fiesta ST from the predecessor, the advertising of which we saw many times already on the internet? In fact, many differences can be spotted. This is referred to a turbocharged engine and a half cm understated pendant connected to the electronic control vectoring, powerful brakes and a charismatic exterior tuning and so on.

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