Ford Focus RS of 3rd Generation Is Coming!

March 4, 2013 at 9:40 am

What is Ford aiming for in the nearest future will be presented in this article, as we know the fans do wonder what steps the company will take in the car market, which is able to change as rapidly as no one can imagine. That is why, we want to reassure our readers to stay calm and cool, as the Ford company has it all under control.

Ford Focus RS

Photo of the Ford Focus RS

Ford has officially confirmed that the Ford Focus RS car of the third generation will be available by 2015. The most powerful version of the Focus will initially be offered only as the five-door hatchback version, although the emergence of a universal model of the car, the officials of the brand called to be unlikely, but still, as they say, everything is possible.

3rd generation Ford Focus RS

Image of the 3rd generation Ford Focus RS

“We have focused on developing mass cars for the world market, and you can already see the results. Now we plan to modern the Edge and Mustang models on the European market, and the Fiesta and Focus at the U.S. market. Our global policy “One Ford” has proven its effectiveness in promoting the basic models of Ford, and the next step will be to offer customers a more niche products with lower production volumes,” – this was explained in an interview with Autocar by Barb Samardzich, vice president of product development for Ford Europe.

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