Ford Focus RS Will Be Available in 2015

March 18, 2013 at 9:36 am

It is always the hard part – waiting. Especially if you are waiting for the most great car ever from the Ford company. However, this kind of waiting pays off, because the new versions always come in a better model than the previous ones. Fans of the “charged” version of the model Ford Focus with Schild “RS” are in anticipation of the premiere of the new-generation car, but they will have to be patient.

Ford Focus RS car

Image of the Ford Focus RS car

Ford will launch a new generation of hot Hatch Focus RS only in 2015, says the publication AutoBild. While they are sourcing an official from the Ford company, we have no other ways but to find the proofs of this information in other publication and in our sources. And in the end, the information is correct, and people will have to wait for at least two more years.

Ford Focus RS 2009

Picture of the Ford Focus RS 2009

The car is planned to complete the 4-cylinder gasoline engine with EcoBoost technology, turbocharging and direct fuel injection system. The power plant capacity of 2.3 liters will develop about 335 HP. Earlier it was reported that a top option Focus will receive a hybrid, but in the end the “Blue Oval” dismissed the idea as an electric motor vehicle equipment will lead to a significant increase in the cost of the car. A new Ford Focus RS will not get the all-wheel drive system: thrust is transmitted from the engine to the front axle.

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