Ford Introduced the Innovative Technology on the Ford Kuga

January 26, 2013 at 7:55 am

Many auto concerns came to the Geneva auto show in the past 2012 year in March. We want to remind our readers that Ford Motor Company has introduced an innovative trunk remote controlled hands-free, which will be installed at the new Ford Kuga back at the show. Therefore, Ford will be available to consumers in the first class of the trunk, access to which is by foot.

blue Ford Kuga 2.5 AT

Photo of the blue Ford Kuga 2.5 AT

Ford demonstrated at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 the automatic trunk, which can be opened and closed, having a foot under the rear bumper. The first in the class system, activated hands-free set on a new car Ford Kuga. This feature is especially useful in situations, where the motorist holds a purchase or other items that are going to load in the car.
Ford perfected the system with volunteers, testing for six months, which led to the optimal system configuration.

white Ford Kuga

Image of white Ford Kuga

Kuga system will allow the owners to open and close the trunk, slightly conducting a foot under the rear bumper, while continuing to handle packages with purchases and other items. The new Ford Kuga has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, March 5, 2012. Therefore we provide our readers with this information, in case they do not know about this useful feature.

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