Ford Mustang 2015 will receive a new airbag

January 2, 2015 at 4:14 pm

From the beginning of 2015 Mustang Ford introduces a new design of airbags that protect the knees of the passenger in the front seat. Its advantage lies in the fact that size and weight are significantly reduced, to allow for passengers more spacious interior.

The Ford says the world’s first airbag passenger knee packed in the glove box door. It issued 15 patents and certificates. New airbag car will be equipped this year, along with more robust sensors, pretensions and an increased number of airbags.
The innovative design of the new design includes a plastic inflatable bag, integrated into the glove box door, like a normal knee pad mounted under the dashboard. According to the automaker, this design allows you to place an inflatable protection elsewhere in the cabin, providing more freedom to designers of cars.

2015 Ford Mustang pics

2015 Ford Mustang picture

Unlike conventional fabric cushion, the new system has a plastic bag made of pressure located between the inner and outer panels of the door of the glove compartment. In case of emergency inflatable member throws the front panel to the knees of the passenger and provides cushioning similarly traditional airbag.

2015 Ford Mustang new airbag pics

2015 Ford Mustang new airbag picture

The design of the new airbag is 65 percent lighter, and inflatable member 75 percent less than a conventional knee airbag.