Ford patented passenger compartment for unmanned cars such as hybrid sedan Fusion

June 16, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Ford has patented several configurations automotive interiors that will be used on machines with autonomous control functions. The figures give an idea of the interior features of these machines.
The first picture shows the interior of a pickup with the autopilot. Front sofa when the unmanned mode can be rotated around its own axis by means of a small motor to the front and rear passengers can sit facing each other at the time of the trip.

Ford Fusion picture

Ford Fusion pics

The next diagram shows a three-row coupe that has front seats can be folded and partially cleaned under the front panel. In this case, the driver and passenger can sit on the second row, while front seat used as a footrest. On the other pictures showed the same configuration for the interior of the car with notchback.

Ford Fusion pics

Ford Fusion image

Ford is the test of the first machines with autonomous control systems in late 2013, together with the University of Michigan. Prototypes are built on the basis of a hybrid sedan Fusion, equipped with optical rangefinders LIDAR, fixing any static and moving objects on the road.