Ford Resumed Work on the New Focus RS

February 12, 2013 at 9:24 am

Ford has resumed development of the most powerful version of the third generation of the Focus model called RS. It is expected that the hot hatch will be presented to the market in the dealers saloons in 2015, according to the car magazine Autocar, they say that first it will be available for the market on the Western part of Europe, slowly spreading to other parts of the world, this information is given to our readers citing sources within the manufacturer.

Ford Focus ST

Image of the Ford Focus ST

According to Barb Samardzic, who is the vice-president of the European “Ford” division, that is responsible for development of new products, the latest research has shown us that customers are interested in the appearance of the model in the company’s line of “charged” cars, and in the various segments. These ideas will be implemented in the new model.

racing Ford Focus ST

Picture of the racing Ford Focus ST

“We have plenty of room in the lineup for the “hot” machines in a compact, medium and full-sized segments. We can do like cars in version ST, which can also be a “machine for every day,” so the more serious, race-oriented versions of RS” said the representative of the Ford marketing division after they made a careful research on the topic of the demand for Ford.

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