Ford self-tuning control unit turbo EcoBoost

January 20, 2015 at 3:53 pm

Ford will release a device for self-tuning control unit turbo EcoBoost.
Ford Motor Company will release to market a device that allows car owners with supercharged engines EcoBoost series independently reconfigure the engine control unit.
The device is called ProCal will be available for order on the official website Ford Racing for $ 595. It connects to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket and allows you to customize many characteristics of the machine – from the accelerator response and idling the engine to the parameters of the overflow valve supercharger, fuel and ignition maps.
ProCal existed before, but the device was offering in pair with other high-performance parts from Ford Racing division and was intended to facilitate their installation and configuration. Now, Ford intends to popularize family EcoBoost engines among fans tuning, adding new features ProCal.

Ford Focus ST pics

Ford Focus ST picture

Manufacturer did not specify the range of power gain, but we know that with the help of the two-liter turbo-migration hot hatch Ford Focus ST is possible to increase its torque from 360 to 480 Nm. The main feature of self-tuning is to save the vehicle guarantee.

Ford Focus ST pics

Ford Focus ST image

Now Ford is going to release a kit for recalibration power plants ST-versions of Focus and Fiesta, but soon the company will complete the development of a similar product for the 2.3-liter engine EcoBoost, which is equipped with the new Mustang.