Ford Showed Future of the Legendary Pick-ups F-150 Atlas

February 16, 2013 at 9:22 am

Ford cars in the American market have one great feature, which almost everyone knowns, who is even not from that part of the continent – the feature has a simply name – pick-ups. Since the American people are much more interested in these models of the cars rather than in some other, it was quite predictable that on the Motor Show at Detroit, the show was all over the future version of the legendary pick-up concept F-150 Atlas.

concept Ford pick-up F-150 Atlas

Image of the concept Ford pick-up F-150 Atlas

The third day of the famous North American auto show marked all the auto news: update of the car sales leader in America Ford. The company brought something totally new to the show. Atlas Concept continued the tradition over the popular series of pickups F, but was with the bright design accents in the design of the exterior, the car is lighter and less expensive that its predecessors, it has received new electronic control assistants, including a system of “start-stop”.

pick-up Ford F-150 Atlas at Detroit

Photo of the new pick-up Ford F-150 Atlas at Detroit

Shown at the auto show car is equipped with novelty design systems that improve the aerodynamic performance of future production models. With adaptive closing valves in the grill and adjusted position of wheel spokes reduces wind resistance pickup and reduced by 20% the fuel consumption.

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