Ford showed reborn concept of the supercar GT

February 8, 2015 at 7:11 pm

Ford has shown in Detroit concept supercar GT, which will be the production car at the end of 2016. The novelty has received the most modern modification turbo EcoBoost, the return of which exceeds the capacity of the original GT in 2004 by more than 50 horsepower.
The Ford is not told about the weight and dimensions supercar, but promised to make the production version of one of the best on the power to mass ratio among similar sports cars. To do this, the Americans used the maximum number of high-strength and at the same time, lightweight materials. In particular, the safety cage is made of carbon fiber, aluminum stretchers, and body panels made of carbon fiber.
Door Ford GT opened up, and rear spoiler adjusts to road conditions and affects the aerodynamics of the car depending on the speed. The most ambitious sports coupe Ford Motor Company received 20-inch wheels with tires Michelin Super Sport Cup 2. This tread pattern “rubber” was developed specifically for the new model.

Ford concept of the supercar GT pics

Ford concept of the supercar GT picture

Conceptual GT has got cylinder V-twin-turbo EcoBoost family unit of a new generation. Exact specifications are not yet known, but at the moment the engine develops more than 600 horsepower. High-performance engine is mated to a seven-speed transmission with double clutch.

Ford concept of the supercar GT pics

Ford concept of the supercar GT image

Salon super “Ford” is different strict angular geometry of the front panel and door trim asceticism. At the same time, sports steering wheel and a digital dashboard Ford GT similar to those elements in the cockpit car.
Start of production of the new Ford GT will be timed to the 50th anniversary since the days of winning racing team “Ford” in the “24 Hours of Le Mans.” Nearly half a century ago, three representative models GT40 MK II won the competition three prizes.