Ford will offer tuned EcoBoost engine for $ 595

January 29, 2015 at 10:09 pm

At Ford came up with an excellent way to make extra money – to sell the charged modification of models with engine EcoBoost, and then further to offer our clients maximize the value of power units while maintaining factory warranty – naturally for an extra charge. The new service will be at US dealers this year.
Ford engineers noted that since the appearance of the first car, car owners are trying to improve their cars. For getting an individual super version drivers are trying to change the original components to more expensive and productive. According to the manufacturer, these actions can improve the dynamic performance, but often it will be the price to pay for increased fuel consumption and reducing engine life Therefore, in the sports division of the company developed a “brand” firmware, which takes into account all features of modern powertrains EcoBoost.

Ford Fiesta St pics

Ford Fiesta St picture

The whole process of increasing power and torque turbo engine “charged» Fiesta ST, Focus ST and even the new Mustang is to purchase a special device that reflash “brains” of the car in a safe mode. In Ford Racing promised that a few minutes changing the settings of control electronics allow the “squeeze” additional 122 Nm of the 2.0-liter power unit “Focus”.

Ford Fiesta St pics

Ford Fiesta St image

“Set the young tuner» ProCal can be ordered on the official website of the Ford Racing for $ 595 Compact device with plug for connection to the diagnostic connector will allow the owner of “hot Fords” to change the settings of the engine at its discretion, but subject to such limits that do not harm the operation of the motor.