Monstrous Ford Excursion for $ 1 million

June 26, 2015 at 6:58 pm

Legendary «Sin City Hustler», which is the unique world’s sprawling monster truck, based on the SUV Ford Excursion, is put for sale. Its creators team Big Toyz Racing Motors want to get for their brainchild of one million dollars.

Ford Excursion pics

Ford Excursion image

For those who do not understand, which means monster truck, we can say easier – this SUV Ford Excursion, which put on huge wheels. Features monster truck the same inspiring as his appearance. The length of the car is 9.75 meters and height of 3.65 meters. That is, in order to get inside, you need to go up the ladder, as in the plane. The weight of this colossus is also quite serious – 6.8 tons. Ford Excursion, as conventional cars has four wheels, fully functional doors with electric windows and can accommodate more than the driver 12 passengers, according Infocar.

Ford Excursion picture

Ford Excursion pics

A feature of monster truck from Ford is the size of the car. Ford «Sin City Hustler» Excursion has a length of 9750 mm and wheelbase of 7100 mm and a weight of 6800 kg. “Monster” is driven by 8.5-liter V8, rated at more than 700 hp.

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