New Generation of Ford Mondeo Cars

February 14, 2013 at 9:05 am

Today we will talk about the new Ford model of the new generation that was updated specifically for the new year. This great and unique model has received a very interesting exterior that one can even say ‘soft’ though at the same time, the others have founf some notes of aggressiveness in it. But this did not scare any of the fans or company lover, but instead, it only got their attention to the greater extend. Now we will tell which model next generation was shown – it was the Mondeo car.

new Ford Mondeo car

Image of the new Ford Mondeo car

Mondeo sedan wass based on the basic platform for the Ford company’s segments of the cars named C & D. This iconic model of the Ford brand will be, available in both version, that will be the most popular sedan and also the more utility oriented wagon. Moreover it became known that Ford has in his mind to set the production for the hybrid Mondeo, which will be named petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). In terms of size it appearance that is nearly the smallest sedan offered currently on the marlet, and it also got one of the smallest cores 1.0 turbo diesel from theEcoBoost.

rear view of the new generation of Ford Mondeo cars

Picture of the rear view of the new generation of Ford Mondeo cars

Mondeo’s core should not be taken lightly as it a trully award-winning one, and mroeover it is also quite powerful, in terms of numbers, it will provide you with 125-horsepower and 170 Nm. Mondeo is a unique car that for sure be much appreaciated by all the envirenmentally cautious customers. Currently the versions of this sedan come with the front-wheel drive, but as reported by the manufacturere, in the near future the all-wheel drive is also possible!

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