New updated crossover Ford EcoSport 2015

March 22, 2015 at 10:10 pm

EcoSport was designed for emerging markets such as Brazil and India, however, European motorists car until much interested. Since the start of sales in April and November of last year, Ford Motor Company was able to realize all 11,257 copies of the model, while the Renault Capture over the same period has sold in excess of 149,000 vehicles. Also Peugeot sold 125,002 units. 2008 model, and Opel sold 114,658 units Mokka.

Ford EcoSport 2015 picture

Ford EcoSport 2015 pics

Quickly make significant changes in the characteristics or design of the car is not possible, therefore, to solve the problem of poor sales will Ford’s marketers who have already figured out how to save the situation by “point” improvements. Since May 2015 the European EcoSport disappear spare tire on the rear doors, the cabin will be a high quality plastic, besides change the suspension settings. “We want EcoSport to look more like Fiesta», – said Ford spokesman publication Automotive News. Innovation should not affect the value of the car.

Ford EcoSport 2015 pics

Ford EcoSport 2015 image

European car market analysts predict continued growth in sales in the compact crossover segment. Last year they reached the level of 500,000 cars a year, but by 2017 sales of cars of this type should reach 900,000 cars a year.