Read Leather Wheel – Specific Feature of Ford Mondeo Sport

March 24, 2013 at 9:56 am

Ford people say that for the client base of the Mondeo Sport it is more important how the car looks than how it goes on the roads, and this is what they are using in their strategy. And it should go more interesting than the regular version – suspension was lowered by 10 mm, while the set was more stringent (for about 10%) of the springs and dampers. However, if the customer chooses the optional adaptive suspension, the changes were limited to reduced the clearance – an electronically dampers are the same for all versions.

Ford Mondeo Sport on presentation

Image of the Ford Mondeo Sport on presentation

The steering wheel in Ford Mondeo Sport is trimmed with perforated leather and sheathed in red thread. This is also a specific feature of version Sport, among all others, that are covered under the hood or in the full interior of the car.

Rear Fender Ford Line

Picture of the Rear Fender Ford Line

Some of the drivers have already tried Mondeo in Germany with an updated 200-horsepower turbo-diesel 2.2 TDCi and the mechanics. Automatic transmittion from Aisin AWF-21 has not exactly made the car more lively. Box is set to the soft switch and different rate of fire. Mondeo’s sporty dynamics warm up only up to 100 km/h, and then it is accelerated directly. Operating range of the engine is narrow and hard to believe, even at 420 Nm, not to mention the 450 promised in the mode EcoBoost.

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