Relationship Man-Car at Ford Is Now at a New Level

March 22, 2013 at 9:03 am

“This is a great example of how we develop existing technology to improve the experience that our customers get from interacting with cars of the brand Ford, – says Dominic Nikal, an expert in the field of electronic security systems, working at the Ford of Europe. – Result is the practical and unique solution to a known problem – how to open the trunk when the hands are busy. This decision will really help consumers in their daily lives.” Thus our reader now will know that we are talking about the new technologies involved in the cars of the special models from Ford.

new generation of Ford Vans

Image of the new generation of Ford Vans

The development team worked for six months in the laboratory to develop the new interface of Ford “man – machine” using volunteers to test experimental systems, which were installed in the previous generation of the model Kuga. Serious testing in the real world allowed to improve system response to movement by foot and that there is no interference from other systems.

2009 E-series Ford Van

Picture of the 2009 E-series Ford Van

The new feature is based on the work of system access, which allows owners of the car to open the car and start the engine without removing the key from a pocket or bag. Thus it makes the relationship with the car easier.

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