The new Ford Focus RS has got smart drive

April 30, 2015 at 2:43 pm

The new Ford Focus RS is equipped with an intelligent all-wheel drive, which will help the car to take turns correctly.
The product division called Ford Performance All-Wheel-Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring (literally – “four-wheel drive with torque vectoring dynamic.” To realize the potential of traction sensibly powerful new car (it is the third generation Focus RS and the thirtieth series model RS as a whole) he was given a four-wheel drive. And special mental capabilities drive gave primarily to enhance the enjoyment of the machine control in corners.

Ford Focus RS picture

Ford Focus RS pics

From a technical point of view, Dynamic Torque Vectoring – wheel drive transmission is a continuously active front fascia and rear axle, connected automatically with the help of electronically controlled coupling. The clutch transmits a torque to the back of metered, as commanded by the electronic unit, but not more than 70% of the engine power. The second such redistributes Coupling point between the wheels of the rear axle, and with its constant correction in accordance with the current situation – one wheel can be directed to 100% torque, relying axis.

Ford Focus RS pics

Ford Focus RS image

Electronic brain-wheel drive 100 times per second interrogates sensors that monitor the parameters of the machine (linear speed, steering angle, the angle of drift, lateral acceleration slippage, etc.) and makes the appropriate conclusions about the redistribution of the moment at the wheels of the car.