The new technology of Ford Motor Company will remove the threat of speeding

May 13, 2015 at 7:44 pm

Intelligent system of speed limits Intelligent Speed Limited allows automatically adjusts the maximum speed of the vehicle, allowed by law on a particular stretch of road.
Ford Intelligent speed limiter combines the functionality of two technologies Ford – Hand to limit the maximum speed and the system of recognition of road signs Traffic Sign Recognition. The last will recognize traffic signs on both sides of the road using a digital video camera. Then the information about the speed limit, overtaking ban and Signs cancellation is transmitted to the driver’s instrument panel. The first intelligent speed limiter tried on Ford S-Max.

Ford S-Max picture

Ford S-Max pics

The driver, according to the requirements of the legislation of the country where it is located, the system can adjust the speed limit in the trip computer menu, and if necessary – to activate the system by using the control buttons on the steering wheel.
Maximum speed can be set in the range of 30-200 km / h, then the course of the change in the range from 5 km / h. In vehicles equipped with on-board navigation, intelligent speed limiter also uses the map data to improve the accuracy.

Ford S-Max pics

Ford S-Max image

Intelligent Speed limiter allows the driver to set a maximum speed which is greater than the sign, but not more than 10 km / h. Slow down when camera detects a sign made no activation of brake system and a decrease in engine speed.