Three impressive SUV Expedition in LA

November 6, 2014 at 12:05 am

At the annual exhibition in Las Vegas famous car company Ford introduced three concepts, created on the basis of the latest version of the SUV Ford Expedition. Let’s begin with “the ugly duckling» of Tjin Edition Expedition, which has got a dark gray exterior with new wings, an exhaust system and 24-inch wheels with Falken tires. The updated model also received a new column base and the better brake system. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine is equipped with a package of Vortech, which increased the efficiency up to 405 hp (302 kW) –it’s an increase of 40 hp (30 kW).

2014 Tjin Edition Expedition image

2014 Tjin Edition Expedition pictures

DUB Magazine Expedition is positioned as a “stylish and refined” version. It has a radar detector and tinted windows and 26-inch concave wheels with Pirelli tires, so that it looks like a car for drug dealers. Also they made it lower and installed a high-performance braking system and a new exhaust. The cabin interior has changed, it has a new covering and several monitors with gaming system.

2015 Ford Expeditionby DUB Magazine picture

2015 Ford Expeditionby DUB Magazine pictures

The car of Vaccar Expedition has matte two colours exterior, an additional protection for the body and a roof trunk.

The SUV  Expedition by Vaccar pictures

The SUV Expedition by Vaccar picture

Obviously, this model is designed for travelers. The SUV also received suede seats and 20-inch wheels with tires General Tire Grabber AT2.