Ford Explorer XTL Is Now Ready for Orders

January 30, 2013 at 9:23 am

As the company Ford is always moving ahead, they were happy to present not so long ago, just two weeks back from now, the new modification of the Ford Explorer car. Since 14 January 2013 – flagship of the Ford Explorer is now available to order in a series called XLT. Ford Explorer won the hearts of car owners around the world, becoming the most popular product line of the North American Ford. The new generation, which appeared in 2011, quickly gained popularity in other counties. A production plant for Ford Explorer allowed to expand the range of the proposed kits, and now XLT is available to order.

Ford Explorer XTL

Picture of the Ford Explorer XTL

For the price of 45 000 euros the buyer gets a modern powerful SUV with intelligent all-wheel drive Terrain Management, which operates in four modes: “city”, “dirt”, “sand”, “snow”. Engine Cyclone V6, with 3.5-liter capacity and 294 hp, with variable valve timing Ti-VCT that has mounted six-speed automatic transmission SelectShiftTM.

brown Ford Explorer

Image of the brown Ford Explorer

Comfort on the road will be provided for both the driver and passengers of all three rows of seats of Ford Explorer. To accommodate comfortably will be allowed by the power seats, which the driver’s seat has10 and 6 is given to passengers. Microclimate is provided by a two-zone climate control and optional air conditioning for the rear part of the 7-seater car.

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