Ford Fiesta Was Clothed into a New Body

January 2, 2013 at 4:10 am

Today we will talk about one of the most popular models of the Ford company and all of you will name it without any mistakes – yes it is the Fiesta car. Home of the Brazil Motor Show this year was surprisingly rich in novelties. Despite the fact that most of the cars presented at the motor show in Sao Paulo, are for sale in the local market, they should pay attention to the Ford dealers. If only because it is traditional in Brazil, as well as in India and China to sell alone the same models in the same design it does not mean that the company will not change it for the best of the drivers.

new Ford Fiesta model

Photo of new Ford Fiesta model

The global automaker Ford brought at the motor show in Sao Paulo a lift backed Fiesta. The car got the same grille style as the Aston Martin, that made its debut last month in Paris titled hatchback. Both cars have LED running lights and raised the hood. However the new style of the body of Fiesta car brought a lot of fuss and excitement.

side view of Ford Fiesta 2013

Image of the side view of Ford Fiesta 2013

In such a way the Ford company wants to attract more the customers of the region and also lift them up, showing that they can have the car they wanted in different versions that better suit them. All in all the other body of the Fiesta car made it more spacious – giving more space for the passengers and for the luggage and also it brought more style to the car.

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