Ford is Working on a Reduction of Cost of Carbon Fiber Components

December 6, 2012 at 3:10 am

Recently, the European Research Center of Ford showed a prototype hood created from cheaper to manufacture carbon-fiber material. According to experts, this mainly cheaper manufacturing carbon components is due to the introduction of new technologies that lead to a reduction in production costs. What kind of technology is in question is not specified.

Ford car carbon fiber

Photo of the hood of Ford car out of carbon fiber

But it is reported that a prototype carbon-fiber hood, designed by Ford as an experiment, has a significantly lower weight (about 50%) and better hardness (up to five times harder) than the steel counterpart. “It’s no secret that the weight reduction car improves fuel economy, but the process to produce in large quantities the carbon automotive parts has never been available. But now Ford and its partners are preparing a solution that will lead to the production of low-cost carbon fiber car parts,”- commented top research center manager Inge Veymeyer.

Ford with Carbon Fiber

Image of the car Ford with Carbon Fiber

In the future, technologies developed by specialists together with engineers from Ford Engineering Aachen University and the companies Henkel, Evonik, IKV, Composite Impulse, Toho Tenax and Hightech.NRW, will be used in mass production.

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