Ford Sync Will Soon Understand 10000 Commands

December 16, 2012 at 5:58 am

Ford has introduced a set of tools for creating applications (SDK) for software developers to create applications for mobile devices, which the driver can use to control by voice the car through the multimedia setup Ford Sync. At the moment this package already has three partners, “Ford” in software – Pandora and Stitcher (Internet radio) and OpenBeak (Twitter-client).

new Ford SYNC system

Photo of the new Ford SYNC system

In Ford it has received about a thousand applications from software developers who want to enable voice control in their applications via Sync. The first American manufacturer to consider programs that use these navigation systems, as well as related to the planning or finance. For example, using such applications the driver can “order” out of the car information about trading on the exchange market, the data from the mobile device calendar of scheduled meetings, and to postpone or cancel the next flight.

advertisment of Ford Sync

Image of the advertisment of Ford Sync

In addition, the system of voice control allows developers to create applications that can receive the data on the machine (speed, position by GPS, fuel consumption, etc.), and write messages to social networks or SMS, by speaking them without using the keyboard of the smartphone. As previously reported, in the near future, Ford Expands Sync, will learn to understand up to ten thousand primitive voice commands. Sync now recognizes and plays only with one hundred terms.

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