The Scariest Car: Creepy Tuned Ford Mustang

January 10, 2013 at 6:39 am

As we have been searching for the news to present to our readers, we came across one of the most interesting things so far in the new year. There is no doubt, that the tuning of the car is a very long and detailed process so that to make the end model better than the initial one. But what we saw simply took our words away and it was said to be the tuned Ford Mustang of the latest generation. Thus we present this creepy wonder with the pictures.

creepy tuning of Ford Mustang

Image of the creepy tuning of Ford Mustang

It is still a matter of investigation, if the tuning was made by the official atelier or by the armature with the available resources and knowledge of the car structure. All in all, it is possible to see that the time and resources spent do give some sort of the respect to the maker, but we have to face the truth – no one would want to ride the car which looks like that. This car can easily be considered one of the worst in the world. Its creator – a resident of California, who is now selling this creation of unrealistic 34,500 dollars and some people say it is possible to get even more for that.

frontal view of tuned Ford Mustang

Photo of frontal view of tuned Ford Mustang

As for improvements, they include the installation of the headlights of Lotus Elise, the rear lights of the Cadillac, Lambo-doors and Ghastlier kit style Rvota Edition. Though, it might be a very nice car for the Halloween.

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