Try Diesel Ford Mondeo With Automatic Gear

February 6, 2013 at 9:18 am

The most powerful Mondeo before the restyling have been selling, we have to admit that, quite poorly: the share of the petrol version 2.5 and 2.2 TDCi diesel accounted for only two per cent of the total sales of the model. The representation on the European market tends to blame for the failure of a six-step “mechanics” gear that the car has, that is also only available for top-box models. In the updated Mondeo appeared inter-selective “robot”, that is responsible for the changing of the speed. Note that this special device is available only to 2.0 EcoBoost petrol engine and “automatic” for the updated diesel 2.2.

silver Ford Mondeo car

Image of the silver Ford Mondeo car

It is with the latest version, we were invited to meet at the most known car testing ring. Does the diesel Mondeo with the «automatic» gear proposed to market its name Mondeo Sport? Ford Mondeo Sport of the model hatchback is in its essence somewhat similar to the car Honda Accord Type-S sedan in its performance. A moderate sporty image for the Ford company is considered quite good, as it is for the Japanese cars.

rear view of Ford Mondeo

Picture of the rear view of Ford Mondeo

It is difficult not to put one’s eyes on the 18-inch wheels of the car, that have unique tires, the design of which was done to make better connection with the road, and also radiator grille is notable. Open the door of the car – and you will see the features so clearly calling for the Mondeo of sports: red thread of the cloth on the seats all done out in leather and Alcantara, metal plates on the pedals and trim plastic with the carbon fiber.

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