Ford, Daimler and Nissan Teamed to Develop Hydrogen Vehicles

February 2, 2013 at 9:00 am

The way modern technology moves cannot be predicted, but what is more astonishing is the way global companies are moving it by themselves. It is silly to doubt the power and potential of the car manufacturers, especially such giants as Ford and other global producers. As we can assess their power on the personal basis, can you imagine what will happen, if they team up? That is why today we want to present to you the fact, that Ford, Daimler and Nissan companies have teamed up to develop the hydrogen cars.

Ford hydrogen car development

Image of the Ford hydrogen car development

Concern Daimler was first who announced the signing of a tripartite agreement with Nissan and Ford on the joint development of power plants for hydrogen fuel cells. All producers will invest in the project equally. How much they are willing to spend is not specified, but it is a lot.

Ford car and alternative power concept

Photo of the Ford car and alternative power concept

As part of the overall work of the specialists Daimler, Ford and Nissan will create a single power plant on fuel cells, which later will be used in models of all partners. It was also noted that the new union must give a sign of business representatives and politicians in different countries, that the production of fuel cell vehicles will be encouraged, but for the vehicles themselves there is a need to build hydrogen fueling stations.

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