Ford Evos – Is a Totally New Car in Ford

February 20, 2013 at 9:36 am

Many people are trying to beat up their competition by spreading different rumors, but in case of the Ford company, as you may come up already, they do not work. Simple as that, some car magazines want to call the totally new concept car Ford Evos a new generation of what has been before at the company, but they are totally wrong, since the car has been developed right from the scratch.

concept car Ford Evos

Image of the concept car Ford Evos

“Now in our lineup there are no convertibles, and if we showed a new kinetic design on the sedan and compact hatchback, then all at once began to talk to that this is the new Mondeo and Fiesta. And on Evos it is difficult to put a label and quite impossible to say that this is a new generation of one our model, simply because we do not have a compartment in scale “- added Smith.

yellow Ford Evos concept car

Picture of the yellow Ford Evos concept car

The prototype has short overhangs, thinner pillars than that from the current production of the cars Ford, narrow headlights, similar in design to the new Focus grille and four doors that open up like “gull wings”. “Three-door coupe Gran Turismo – it’s not innovative, and not well thought out. After the fact that four doors provide easier access to the rear row of seats,”- said Stefan Lamm, the author of the concept car exterior Evos.

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