Winged Ford Unveils New Brand Style

January 28, 2013 at 8:52 am

Interesting cars from the Ford company have never been a surprise for the drivers, however, the company keeps on surprising not only the regular fans, but also different critics and enemies of the brand. This time not only the color or the inner design of the car were changed, new Ford grew wings for itself. American automaker has declassified a conceptual coupe, which makes it clear how will look the new items of the brand in the future.

red concept car Ford Evos

Image of the red concept car Ford Evos

The world premiere of four-doored Ford Evos will be held at the September motor show in Frankfurt later this year. Overall length of the show car with the roof line in the style of Aston Martin Vantage is almost the same as the model of the third generation Focus (4.5 m), and width – a little more than the current Mondeo (1,97 m). The height of the prototype reaches 1.36 meters and wheelbase is of 2,74 m. According to the chief designer of Ford’s European office Martin Smith, the prototype demonstrates the direction of further development of the ‘kinetic design’ of the Ford cars in future.

yellow Ford Evos 2011 concept

Picture of the yellow Ford Evos 2011 concept

“With this car we want to say the following: Evos shows the evolution of Ford kinetic design, and you will definitely see this in each shown car of this prototype, in the elements in our future production cars,” – said Smith.

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