Ford C-Max Solar Energy

February 7, 2014 at 10:23 pm

In the past, companies have tried to develop cars that run on solar energy, but it was not successful, as the small surface area on the roof doesn’t allow for solar panels that can quickly charge a vehicle’s entire battery. Concept The C-MAX Solar, which Ford is going to submit in the 2014 on Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, includes a self-powered concentrator, which helps to solve this problem. The concentrator can focus sunlight on the solar panel and thus use eight times more energy. Daytime charging enough for «Ford C-Max Solar Energy» to cover a distance of 34 kilometers using only an adequate supply of electrical energy.

Ford C-Max Solar side photo

Ford C-Max Solar side photo

Ford Mustang Will Come to Europe with Two New Motors

March 20, 2013 at 11:22 am

The company that is known to many as the “Blue Oval” announced the first information on the European versions of the legendary Ford Mustang sports car of the new generation, the development of which is going to be completed by 2014. It is the moment that all the fans in Europe are waiting for, because so far, this sports car has been riding the roads of the American states, but now all of the interested people will have this possibility.

Ford Mustang Shelby

Image of the Ford Mustang Shelby

Concepts F-150 Atlas from Ford Weight Less

March 10, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Today we will continue the talk about the concept pick-up trucks called the Ford F-150 Atlas. We have mentioned, that these concept cars are bigger, better and lighter. Reduction in the weight by 350kg was obtained through the use of aluminum in the units of the chassis, body parts and cargo area. The performance characteristics of the F-150 Atlas pickups increased by equipping their system for managing dynamic towing system called Dynamic Hitch Assist. Trailers in the production versions of the cars will be loaded with LED back-lighting and a reinforced mounting long loads.

above of the Ford F-150 Atlas

Image from above of the Ford F-150 Atlas